GLEE History & Contacts

A Little Bit of History:

Before GLEE, GLOW (Gem Lakes Organization of Women) was organized by a group of adult female residents.  They met monthly in a member's home during the day. They would usually have a speaker or enjoyed doing a craft together.  Of course, snacks were eaten and special recipes shared.  It was an active group.  There were monthly newsletters to members, Gem Lakes signs to maintain, Neighborhood Watch to organize, Directories to update and deliver, booth to set up for Special Olympics, and the annual luminary sale.  GLOW not only donated gifts for the Gem Lakes recreational area but also gave to one or more charitable groups each year.

  • Fast forward to today.  It was very difficult to meet during the day because so many women were working.  GLOW tried having meetings in the evening.  The ladies didn't want to go out at night or they had activities with their children in the evening.  With that in mind, we decided to open it up to everyone.  Thus, GLOW is now GLEE - Gem Lakes Engaging Everyone.  There were meetings in the evening featuring various speakers (policeman, master gardener, tai chi).  Unfortunately, the meetings were poorly attended.  So, it was decided that we would not meet monthly but only be focused on specialized activities or a special speaker throughout the year that would be of interest and helpful to our residents.
  • In the past, GLEE sponsored an Easter Egg Hunt, Trunk or Treat and a Meet and Greet for residents who had a special hobby or small business.  GLEE also collected toys at Christmas for a local nonprofit.  In order to offer opportunities for the community such as the above, volunteers are needed.
Interested?  Would you like to be involved or have ideas that would interest our neighbors? We need your help!  You can contact . . . 

Vicki Thomas - [email protected], 803-508-1162, 327 Lakeside Drive

Sharon Filler -, 803-648-3973, 2 Short Court